First Thursday

First Thursday! is Sustainable Tulsa’s monthly open-to-the-public meeting offering individuals an opportunity to network, and hear presentations from local, regional and national sustainability leaders. This is a great opportunity to learn about sustainability activities in the Tulsa area and to share with others how your organization is working towards sustainability. Meetings are free and are held on the first Thursday of every month. 

Environmental Justice!

Date: Thursday, Aug 4th, 2022
Time: noon-1pm
Speakers: Danny Gogal
Location: Online 
Cost: FREE

Join Sustainable Tulsa on Thursday, Aug 4th! 

Join us as we explore how sustainability depends on thriving ecosystems and resilient communities by learning about EPA’s environmental justice (EJ) program. Learn about opportunities to advance EJ in our communities and the intersectionality of racism and environmentalism by understanding the impacts of Superfund sites on indigenous peoples.

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Past speakers and presentations:

2022: Jason Fisher | ICF, “Get Paid For Being Sustainable”
Dr. Kenneth Ede, PHD., OSU-Tulsa, “The Past, Present and Future of PFAS”
Theresa Kerrigan | Sustainable Tulsa, “Calculate Your Carbon Footprint”
Melissa Pepper | GSWESTOK, Eric Pollard | ACOG, Micah Stover | OKC Beautiful, LaTasha Timberlake | Lillian Timber Farms, Amanda Scofield | ODEQ,
Corey Williams | Sustainable Tulsa, “Sustainability in OKC for Earth Month”
Jane Breckinridge | Euchee Butterfly Farm “Protecting Pollinators, People and our Planet”
Ed Fife Water Quality Manager at GRDA “Know Your Watershed” | In person at Neff Brewing
Elizabeth Reyes| EPA Region 6 Brownfields Project Officer, EPA Brownfields Program

2021:Libby Billings | Elote, The Vault, Rappongi, “Let’s Talk Zero Waste”
Dr. Shelley Mitchell | Oklahoma State University, “Gardening Anywhere: Getting Around the Obstacles of Time, Space, Money & Experience”
Robert Pickens, Susan Bergen, Jacob Hagen, “Recycling 101”
Christine Dell’Amore | National Geographic, “The Forgotten Species: Why We Shouldn’t Ignore the Small & Less Attractive”
Katie Boyer | U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Vonceil Harmon | ODOT, “Okies for Monarchs”
Emily Pinckney | Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, “Intersectional Environmentalism”
Pat Gwin & Dr. Clint Carroll | Cherokee Nation, “Sustainable Communities: Cherokee Nation”
T.O. Bowman & John Tankard, “Sustainable Cities”
Stacie Martin | Gathering Place, Gather at the Gathering Place
Natalie Evans | OKC Beautiful, “The Power of Community”
Usha Turner | OG&E, “The Evolving Electricity Sector”
Julio Badin | Gathering Place, “Vision for the Gathering Place”

2020:Michael Patton | Land Legacy, “What’s your New Year Sustainability Resolution?”
Robert Pickens, Don Hinson, & Graham Brannin | Tulsa Recycling Experts, “The Do’s & Don’ts of Recycling”
The Mine Staff | The Mine, “Individual Scor3card Survey Results Reveal”
Anna America | Tulsa Parks, “Tulsa Parks: How to Stay Safe & Stay Active”
Ric Kotarsky | Tulsa Zoo, “Monarch Butterfly Conservation Community Initiatives – How Can You Help?”
Steve Grantham | Up With Trees, “Virtual Tree Walk with Up With Trees”
Community Facilitators, “Community Conversation: Environmental Justice”
INCOG, ACOG, This Machine, “Guide to Sustainable Transportation”
Dr. Ann Money | The Oklahoma Aquarium, “The Oklahoma Aquarium in Israel”
James Williams, Wayne Isaacs, Randy Gee | Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Cherokee Nation, EPA, “Environmental Justice from a Tribal Perspective”
Brad Carl | The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma,  “It’s OK to Talk Climate in Oklahoma”
Greg Raskin, Dr. Rebecca Hubbard, & Bobby Schultz | Community Partners,  Planning for a Healthy & Green Holiday

2019:Michael Patton | Land Legacy, “Michael Patton’s New Years Resolutions”
Ann Money | Oklahoma Aquarium, “Local Waterways to Ocean Plastics–A Breaking Point”
Natalie Mallory | Full Sun Composting, “Food loss and Waste: Global Impacts—Local Solutions”
Mother Road Market Staff, “Sustainability & Entrepreneurism”
Jane Breckinridge | Tribal Environmental Action for Monarchs, “Monarchs, Milkweed, & How You Can Help”
Julie Skye | Skye Advisors – “Find Your Place in the SDGs Landscape”
Tulsa Partners – “Living Green Effortlessly”
Daniel Thrasher | Central Electric Cooperative – “Communities & Cooperatives”
Adriane Jaynes | INCOG & Jeff Brown | PSO, “Electric Vehicles”
Jake Miller | Heirloom Rustic Ales, “1st Thursday at Heirloom Rustic Ales”
Suzy Sharp, Nathan Pickard, & Taylor Painter-Wolfe, “Redefining Community”
Graham Brannin | The M.e.t., “Top Ten Green Gift List”

2018:Michael Patton | Land Legacy, “2018 Resolutions”
Nathan Pickard | Restoration Collective, “Urban Farming”
Tulsa Entrepreneurs, “Green Entrepreneurial Spirit and 1 Million Cups!”
April 2018 1st Thursday
Jay Pruett, Christina da Silva, & Ric Kotarsky, “Monarchs”
June 2018 1st Thursday
July 2018 1st Thursday
August 2018 1st Thursday
September 2018 1st Thursday
October 2018 1st Thursday
Anna America | City of Tulsa, “Tulsa Parks”
Annina Collier | Center for Creativity, “Green Gifting for the Holidays”

2017:Carla Grogg | Grogg’s Green Barn, “Stop! Collaborate and Transition…”
Michael Patton | Land Legacy, “Green Space Matters”
Noah Roberts | The Water Co., “Recycling Isn’t the Answer”
Jane Breckinridge | Euchee Butterfly Farm, “Monarchs are in trouble, but you can help”
Jay Pruett | The Nature Conservancy
Shanese Slaton | 36 Degrees North
City of Tulsa Leadership Panel
Daniel Sperle | Tulsa Bike Share
Graham Brannin | The M.e.t.
Hollis McAllister and Jessica Withington | TYPros
Mark Bays | Oklahoma Forestry Services
Matt Carney | Root Tulsa, “Happy Holidays: Green Gifts Edition”

2016:Scott Phillips | Rawspace
Steve Grantham| Up With Trees, “Tulsa’s Urban Forest”
Blake Ewing | City of Tulsa councilor, “Vision Tulsa Campaign”
Monarch Initiative of Tulsa, “Need More Milkweed?”
Tim Lovell, Tulsa Partners, “Resilience For All: Building a Sustainable Fortified Home”
Rebecca Butcher | The Mine, “Innovation and Solutions”
Tulsa Hub staff, “The Hub: Changing Lives Through Cycling”
Francis Renewable Energy Staff, “New Energy Economy”
INCOG & Tulsa Area Clean Cities, “Next Generation of Electric Cars”
Grant Gerondale | Sand Springs Parks & Recreation Services, “Keystone Ancient Forest”
Ric Kotarsky | Tulsa Zoo, “Tulsa Sustainability Leader!”
Eileen Bradshaw | Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, “Hunger and the Triple Bottom Line: People. Profit. Planet.”

2015:Ann Patton | writer and consultant, “The Tulsa River”
Mellissa Gray & Kriste Shrieve | City of Tulsa, “Voluntary Low Impact lead by the City of Tulsa”
Scissortail Farms, “Scissortail Farms serving Tulsa through their aeroponic / hydroponic farm”
Nathan Pickard | The Restoration Collective, “Restoring a Balance”
Jane Ziegler | Wild About Tulsa, “Get Wild About Tulsa!”
Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition, “What do Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition and Turkey Mountain have in common?”
Crow Creek, “Revitalize our Shared Resource”
INCOG and Tulsa Area Clean Cities, “EV (electric vehicle) and U”
Sarah Kobos, “Sustainable by Design… or Not”
David Redhage | Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture Oklahoma Pollinator Preservation and Education Program, “Pollinators are in Decline”
Kerry Rowland | PSO “Power Hours”
Fab Lab Tulsa, “Fabulous Green Gift Lab”

2014:Graham Brannin | City of Tulsa; Julie Graff | LandPlan, “First Low Impact Development  Competition in Tulsa!”
Carla Grogg | Grogg’s Green Barn, “Edible Landscaping”
Claire Farr | Engineered Systems & Solutions Inc. (ES2), “Oklahoma Energy Plan 20% in 2020”
GO Plan staff, “Be the voice to connect your neighbor with the Tulsa area trail system!”
Johanna Burton | Seed Commons, “Seed Saving, Seed Sharing, and You”
Eric Swafford | Rural Development of Outreach for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), “Right to Farm?”
Eric Pollard | Tulsa Area Clean Cities, “Alternative Fuels in Tulsa”
Team B.A.M. –  Kenton Grant, Grant Consulting; Scott Pardee | Pardee Construction; TriArch; Terrell Verda, “B.A.M.!”
Community Environmental Working Group
OK Brownfields Conference
Rabbi Marc Fitzerman-Blue | B’nai Emunah – Altamont Bakery, “A Better World Through Baking”

2013:John Madden | GreenBlitz & Paul Kane | Home Builders Association, “GreenBlitz and you!”
Patrick Green | Tulsa Community College NE campus and Center for Energy Excellence, “Green Jobs Training in Tulsa”
Claire Roby & Vanessa Thompson | TYPros Sustainability Crew, “Go Green in 2013”
Guy de Verges & Kristin Ruyle | de Verges & Associates Environmental Consulting, Inc., “Little Known Tricks”
James Wagner | INCOG, “Bike Trails Connectivity and Bus Rapid Transit Coming to Tulsa!”
Katie Plohocky & Scott Smith | R&G Family Grocers, “Food deserts, food security, equity and equality in Tulsa”
Lance Delk | Harley Hollan, “Un-boxing Day!”