Bellmon Awards

The Bellmon Awards recognize those people, companies, and organizations that are committed to developing the “triple bottom line.” This bottom line continues to measure profits, but also measures the organization’s impact on people and on the planet. Our award winners recognize that investment in social capital and environmental capital builds financial capital.


Bellmon Awards 2016

Henry Bellmon was a farmer, statesman, and conservationist. As a proud Oklahoman he was a man of integrity, a nonconformist who did his homework and then voted his conscience, regardless of party politics or popular opinion. Henry Bellmon was a pioneering champion of sustainability, long before the term became part of our common lexicon.

Each year Sustainable Tulsa presents the Bellmon Sustainability Awards. The awards raise awareness and recognize the Oklahoma people, agencies, organizations, or companies that dedicate themselves to a balanced approach toward quality of life for all, responsible economic growth, and environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Tulsa’s goal is to support Tulsa in creating a more livable community to raise our families.