2017 Henry bellmon sustainability winners:


The Pencil Box: Tools for the Future

2017 Quality of Life for All Award

The Pencil Box looks to reduce waste by getting supplies and reusable items into classrooms in underrepresented schools. The nonprofit is a free store where educators shop for materials without a monetary limit on what they can take. Because of the program, teachers end up saving hundreds of dollars and students become more confident in the classroom because they have the materials they need to learn.




Dry Cleaning Station: Green Dry Cleaning

2017 Responsible Economic Growth Award

The Dry Cleaning Station uses a variety of products and methods to reducing their impact on the environment. The company uses GreenEarth® solvent and other non-toxic products during the dry cleaning process. The Owners recycle tens of thousands of hangers each year. The Dry Cleaning Station has earned many awards including the, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Oklahoma Star award.




Tulsa City-County Library: Central Library Renewed

2017 Environmental Stewardship Award

Tulsa City-County Library transformed the Central Library not only to meet the needs of the community but also to promote sustainable practices. Under the project, TCCL implemented the use of energy efficient systems that include solar panels, rainwater storage, light and water sensors. The organization uses the Central Library location as an example of a sustainable facility that embraces a focus on the triple bottom line.




Tulsa Hub: Mobile Equity and Enterprise

2017 Henry Bellmon Sustainability Award

Tulsa Hub offers a Community Bicycling Workshop that teaches residents about sustainability and improves personal and environmental health. The nonprofit receives bikes and equipment from donors in the area. Tulsa Hub works to educate residents by providing access to transportation options and empower them to become environmental stewards.




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