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Bellmon Awards Nomination Form


Henry Bellmon Award

Quality of Life for All

Responsible Economic Growth

Environmental Stewardship



Applicants may apply for more than one award. A separate entry must be submitted for each category.

The Henry Bellmon Award
Our hallmark prize, the Henry Bellmon Award, recognizes sustainability leadership and effectiveness in each of the triple bottom line categories.

  • Quality of Life for All
  • Responsible Economic Growth
  • Environmental Stewardship

The People Award – Quality of Life
Putting people first is good for every program, project, or organization, and it is good for our community. Focusing on quality of life builds goodwill and loyalty among the people who make the enterprise possible.

Quality of Life for All recognizes a program, project, individual, or organization supporting improvement in the quality of life of community members by:

  • increasing supportive initiatives
  • improving living conditions
  • encouraging healthy places to live, work, and play
  • a balance with responsible economic growth and environmental stewardship

The Profit Award – Responsible Economic Growth
Organizations realize the value of a clear, long-term strategy focused on maximizing profitability and sustainable growth in an increasingly complex and competitive market.

Responsible Economic Growth recognizes a program, project, individual, or organization supporting healthy economic growth through:

  • local job creation
  • innovative technologies, conservation of resources, reinvention of traditional business concepts
  • serving the community with services, products, and projects that reflect innovations in sustainability
  • a balance with quality of life for all and environmental stewardship

The Planet Award – Environmental Stewardship
This represents an organization’s efforts that reduce natural resource uses and or reduce negative impact on the ecosystem. Many companies and organizations may actively initiate additional practices, like implementing wind power, that can increase a company’s profitability while benefiting the health of the planet.

Environmental Stewardship recognizing a program, project, individual, or organization helping to protect our natural resources in the plant and animal communities by:

  • reducing waste and/or natural resource use
  • cleaning up and protecting ecosystems
  • using environmental processes or activities to accomplish these efforts
  • a balance with quality of life for all and responsible economic growth

An independent, distinguished panel of recognized authorities will be assembled to assess the applications and to pick the final awardees.



Susan Savage, Former Secretary of State and Tulsa City Mayor



Jim Cameron, President, Cameron Glass, Inc.
Brett Fidler, Director of Energy & Enterprise Development, City of Tulsa
T. O. Bowman, Interim Director of Sustainability, City of Oklahoma City
Patt Hoerth, daughter of Henry Bellmon and Co-owner of Turtle Rock Farm
Terrell Hogland, Director of Sustainability, Flintco
Karen Keith, President, Rotary Club of Tulsa
Dr. J. Markham Collins, Collins College of Business, University of Tulsa



Award winners will be recognized for their work by statewide dignitaries as part of a Henry Bellmon Sustainability Awards Gala held at the Southern Hills Country Club Thursday, September 14, 2017. Each Award winner will receive a unique award for their contribution to sustainability in the state.



Applicants are asked to address three of the following criteria about the program or project:

  • How has your program or project achieved success in developing innovative solutions in a targeted area of sustainability?
  • How has your program or project achieved a high level of success in adaptation/implementation of sustainable practices? Please include how you measured your impact.
  • How has your program or project achieved success in integrating all three aspects of sustainability: quality of life, responsible economic growth and environmental stewardship?
  • How do you demonstrate leadership in sustainability for Oklahoma?

Before you begin to complete the application, please give thought to how you quantify the results of your effort:

  • How do you quantify your results?
  • How do you measure your success?
  • Is there an independent way to verify?

Please be as specific as possible in your responses.

  • Whom do you serve?
  • Where are they?
  • How can you demonstrate your reach?

Past Winners:

  • Cannot apply for the same category in fewer than 5 years.
  • Can apply for a different category the next year.



These are some of the questions the judges will use to evaluate your application.

  • Does the project/program(s) clearly address all three aspects (environmental protection, responsible economic growth, social justice) of sustainability (although it may emphasize one)?
  • Is the project/program(s) clearly aligned with the award category?
  • Does the project/program(s) represent an important contribution in one or more targeted areas of sustainability?
  • Are the goals/purpose of the project/program(s) clearly defined and without apparent inconsistencies or inaccuracies?
  • Are the project/program(s) results/outcomes clear and compelling?
  • Does the project/program(s) reflect current thought on sustainability/best practices?
  • Is the project/program(s) innovative/original?
  • Does the work impact/benefit Oklahoma (i.e.: not a company leading their project/program(s) elsewhere?
  • Are the future projections of success clearly supported?
  • Is interest in the project/programs(s) high in the community or anticipated to be high in the future?

Applicants are invited to nominate themselves or nominate other individuals, companies, organizations, or communities that practice their sustainability work in Oklahoma. Eligible applicants must show how they support the three components of sustainability in their application. The project, program or event nominated must have occurred prior to June 6,  2017. Applications must be submitted via the nomination form and received by June 6, 2017. Only completed applications that conform to the application guidelines and are received on or before midnight June 6, 2017 are eligible.


All eligible applicants will be prescreened by our selection committee and submitted to an independent panel of judges. The judges will select the award winners and finalists.  The winners of the Quality of Life for All, Responsible Economic Growth, and Environmental Stewardship and the overall Bellmon Award will be contacted prior to the celebratory gala to be held at the Southern Hills Country Club Thursday, September 14, 2017.