Morgan Fehrle

Morgan Fehrle is a self-described sustainability nerd and all-around eco-enthusiast. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Oklahoma and a rich context of the socio-ecological considerations of our region. Morgan is enthusiastic to bring innovative and engaging sustainable initiatives to the varied communities Sustainable Tulsa serves. Throughout her career, Morgan has been involved with sustainability in myriad positions. She has worked as a research associate studying climate change impacts in communities across Oklahoma watersheds. As well as data and technology consulting for nonprofits where she aided in the development of the Scor3card portal and the up-and-coming individual focused Sustainable Tulsa application. Since moving to Tulsa in 2018, Morgan has been honing her entrepreneurial talents and business acumen, which she hopes to wield in bringing new opportunities, events, individuals, and companies to the sustainability space. Combining her penchant for problem-solving and her desire to help build a brighter tomorrow, Morgan is eager to take on her role with Sustainable Tulsa and find ways to encourage sustainability within the heartland, and beyond.