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Monarch Media Monday - Monday, September 20th

Join us for Monarch Media Monday, an hour-long panel discussion with the following experts:
  • Stacie Martin – Director of Horticulture at Gathering Place, to learn how to establish and maintain prairies, Incorporate native plants and Milkweed, weed control, and more.
  • Cheryl Cheadle – Blue Thumb volunteer coordinator as she discusses how you can create quality pollinator habitat on a smaller scale, Yard by Yard.
  • Jane Breckenridge – Owner Euchee Butterfly Farm and director of the Tribal Alliance for Pollinators will share her expertise on Monarch Basics and the status of the Monarch population.

There will be time for questions and answers at the end of the panel discussion.

TCCL Library

Monarch Joint Venture

Okies for Monarchs

Tulsa County Master Gardeners

Okies for Monarchs

Tagging by Individuals

Want to learn how to net, capture, handle and tag a monarch butterfly? Well now you can!

Monarch Watch Director Chip Taylor teaches a crowd of children how to capture, handle, and tag monarch butterflies at Monarch Watch’s Fall Open House Event

Watch Video: Monarch Watch Butterfly School

Monarch Migration Vocabulary

Migration: Movement of a species from one climate to another for survival.

Milkweed: Host plant for Monarchs, eggs are laid on host plants and it is the food for the caterpillars. 

E.L.F.:  Egg-laying Female.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly:  Egg, Caterpillar (larva), Chrysalis (pupa), Butterfly (adult)

Metamorphosis: Transformation from one form of life to another. 

Larva: The second stage of life, also known as a caterpillar, Monarch caterpillars grow and molt five times. (Five Instars)

Molting: Monarch caterpillars grow and shed their skin when it becomes too small.

Instar: The stages of growth and molting for a caterpillar, Monarchs have five instars.

J. Hang: Fifth instar caterpillars hang in the shape of a letter J to form the Chrysalis.

Pupate: To change from Larva stage (caterpillar) to a pupa (chrysalis).

Chrysalis: Butterfly Pupa. The transformation stage and protective covering between caterpillar and adult. Monarchs are Jade green.

Cocoon: Moth Pupa. The transformation stage and protective covering between caterpillar and adult. Moths are covered in silk.

Eclose: (ee-close) To emerge from the chrysalis or pupal form.

Super Generation: Final generation of Monarchs, can live up to eight or nine months, migrate thousands of miles and will not reproduce until migration is completed the following spring.

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