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Companies around the country find that sustainability reporting delivers impressive benefits, including:

  • Improve top & bottom line
  • Boost employee productivity & retention
  • Simplify & organize corporate responsibility initiatives
  • Increase efficiency & waste reduction
  • Transparency with stakeholders
  • Greater competitive advantage
  • Stronger risk management
  • Improve brand reputation

“The Scor3card was an integral reason for the successful launch of our local Cox Conserves Committee.  The Scor3card organized our efforts, tracked improvement and gave a map for continual improvement. It is an important initiative and we are proud to be a partner.”

– Tracie Poe, General Sales Manager, Cox Media Group Tulsa Radio.

The Scor3card, Sustainable Tulsa’s sustainability reporting program, guides businesses toward action steps and local resources that will help them attain their goals and organize results.

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